Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Joseph Brot - Best bread boutique in town

I'm currently on a low carb diet, but once a week I'll just eat what I want. First my "must-eat" on Saturdays was Patara (fine thai cuisine), now it's Joseph Brot.

Ok, there is only pastry in this pic, but that's because I devoured the bread when I got out of their little boutique...
My must haves that I would literally eat everyday if I didn't need to lose weight for Paris:
- Bio Pheinspitz - their interpretation of the "Kornspitz", the best I ever had. Add some fresh butter and you're in heaven... and so popular they were sold out at lunch time on a Saturday...
- Speckstangerl - white bread with bacon, super yummy for a hearty breakfast (on the go)
- Zimtschnecke - cinnamon roll, so tiny, so delicious
- Croissant with Zotterschokolade - chocolate croissant, excellent especially if it comes out from the oven with the chocolate still molten
- Rührkuchen - cake with refreshing lemony taste and tangy fruit. very nice
- Bio Topfengolatsche - classic pastry filled with curd cheese flavored with real vanilla, lemon and raisins. exquisite.
- Apfelstrudel - tastes just as perfect as the one my bf's grandma makes (my own grandma is from Taiwan, so she has no clue what Apfelstrudel is ;-))

Other very good things that I tasted so far (and please forgive that I won't write "Bio" which means organic in front of every product even though it is... to be honest I don't really care about it, as long as it tastes amazing)
- Ciabatta with olives and dried tomatoes
- Graumohnflösserl
- Nusskipferl
- Oma's Kastanienguglhupf
- Roggen Honig Lavendel-Krustenbrot
- Dinkelbrot mit Traubensaft
- Wiener Handsemmel
- Joseph Brot (the classic sourdough bread)
- Kürbiskernstangerl
- Sauer Kirsch Brownie

I probably had half their line of products so far, but thankfully they come out with new things every week(?). I already have a new wishlist of stuff I need to eat next Saturday *sigh*. It included a tiny chocolate cake, a Speckstangerl again, the Pheinspitz of course and let's see what other pastry they will have...

PS: Since I'm such a horrible blogger I forgot to include their home page --> take a look at their permanent offerings. And their physical address is Naglergasse 9, 1010 Vienna

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  1. Thanks for the reminder - it's true; their bread is awesome! :-) sending orange hugs, xox, Macs