Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Joel Robuchon or the best mashed potatoes in the world

If you think of haute cuisine mashed potatoes are probably the last thing coming to your mind. But with Joel Robuchon this might be a mistake, as he has the most velvety, rich, creamy version you will ever encounter. The deep, caramel hue (minus the sweetness) will linger on your tastebuds long enough to send you to heaven and back.

 Of course there are many other dishes to choose from... a cherry soup
Followed by a caviar dish, this time different from the one in London
Foie Gras, an eternal favorite when being at Robuchon. Slightly crispy and then melting like butter in your mouth. The fruit always compliment it so well.
Chanterelle soup
Quail and a dollop of the infamous mash... needless to say I gladly accepted a second when I was offered one
Coconut cream on passion fruit sorbet and rum granité
 Cheese cake with basil sorbet
I'm looking forward to going again next year

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  1. Joel is my personal hero and I like him much more than Ducasse to be honest. I have eaten the best breakfast at the Metropole in Monaco. It was bloody expensive but worth every cent.