Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Happy new year and goals for 2013

So I'm spending the last day of 2012 in NYC, but no, I'm not going to Times Square. Far too many people and so on...

Now what are my plans for 2013?

  1. Spend more time with loved ones
  2. Achieve my goal weight of 40kg/88lbs, this time for real even if I have to go through hell and back
  3. Work out more, especially with my fitness club membership...
  4. Plan my holidays more thoroughly and in advance so I don't end up bored all the time
  5. Get at least another Birkin in some turquoise shade, fauve Barenia or Etoupe with GHW. Probably not gonna happen in the desired colors/leathers, but one can wish
  6. Get a Hermès Medor Clutch, as it will match my beloved CdC perfectly. Don't you just love studs too?
  7. Get a Chanel WOC for the rare times I need it... you know, the partying where drinks can spill so you need something waterproof that doesn't look like a grocery bag
  8. Save some money despite 5 to 7, oh and 9
  9. Fit into Louboutins and Rick Owens jackets (see 2)
  10. Buy less make up and actually use up things. Might also contribute to 8
  11. Buy less clothes, but with better style and quality (again, see 2, and also 9)
  12. Eat less carbs and especially sugar (2 again)
  13. Waste less time surfing the net or playing on my smartphone instead of getting much needed sleep
  14. Daydream less in order to not mess up things and having to sort it out later
  15. Be my (egocentric) self in front of strangers to finally not come across as shy and self-conscious

That's it. Now written down to constantly remind myself what (not) to do. What are your plans?

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  1. LOVE IT! - Good luck with achieving each and every single one, hun! xox, Macs